29 Jun 2016 Matthew Britton – How to Win the Microstock Volume Game

Matthew Britton –or Matt, to his friends– is a very successful illustrator and the owner of the largest illustration portfolio in the microstock world. And it's not an average portfolio: he first got started illustrating with a very high quality of work, and only once he had consistently high quality did he turn himself into a production machine, building up the volume. This is the strategy behind his...

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Videoblocks VR small banner

18 Apr 2016 VideoBlocks Out with New 360 Degree Stereoscopic 3D VR Stock Footage Collection

In an announcement that wins the award for most technical adjectives in a headline, Videoblocks is today debuting 360 Degree Stereoscopic 3D VR footage, in both their subscription-based library and their on-demand Marketplace. The company says they see a rise in both market and platform support for this kind of content, and they expect being the first mover in this space will help grow and...

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15 Apr 2016 Shutterstock’s iOS Contributor App Now Supports Releases

Shutterstock has once again updated their mobile app for contributors. Following the recent update in March that added multiple upload, batch editing and easier keywording, the latest version of Shutterstock Contributor app on iOS platform now adds model and property releases functionality. Aiming at improving the usability of the system, version 1.4 allows users to attach, upload and manage model and property releases...

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03 Mar 2016 Shutterstock Updates iOS Contributor App

Shutterstock updated their contributor app for iPhone this week, enhancing the functionality of the submission process. Over the weekend, Shutterstock's iPhone app for contributors introduced multiple file upload and fullscreen image previews.  It also enabled batch editing and an improved keywording experience by allowing keywords to be separated with a comma. The company informed contributors about the update via email, inviting them to send...

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03 Mar 2016 Getty to Close Veer – Suggests Contributors Apply to iStock

Getty Images has announced that they're closing Veer. The news comes as no surprise after their 'non-purchase' of Corbis, the Veer parent company. They did the same with StockXpert after purchasing its parent, Jupiterimages back in 2008, and countless other traditional brands they've purchased over the years. A note on the Veer website suggests both buyers and contributors look to iStock as a replacement. That...

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