03 Jul Is there a Price War in Microstock?

Every now and then someone asks the question: is there a price war in microstock? I always say that there isn't, but there's occasionally some debate.  Let's explore. What is a Price War? It is said a price war exists when companies continually lower their prices to keep up with their competitors who are doing the same thing. For a price war to exist in microstock, the...

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01 Jul Shutterstock Updates Contributor Terms of Service

Shutterstock has announced some changes to their contributor Terms of Service, with the changes detailed on their contributor blog. Here's the highlights: Lower Payout Threshold The new minimum balance to withdraw royalties (and referral commissions) is $35, down from $75.  This means newer and smaller contributors can receive payments more regularly, and will reduce the royalty debt that Shutterstock carries on the books. With the huge quantity of contributors...

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30 Jun Dreamstime Next with Monthly Subscription Limits

Dreamstime issued a press release today announcing the lifting of the daily download limits on their subscription plans. This follows Shutterstock doing the same thing at the end of March this year, and iStock doing it in April of last year when they introduced their first 'real' subscription (not a subscription-of-credits).  PantherMedia was actually the innovator of this model, introducing it way...

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30 Jun Getty Announces Deal With Fiverr

Today Getty Images announced a new partnership with crowdsourced digital creative services company Fiverr, where all services cost $5. The Details This deal will enable Fiverr users - both buyers and sellers - to use a selection of images from Getty Images and iStock's Signature collections in the creation of creative designs. The stock images will be available on Fiverr's website as an "extra"...

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30 Jun Picsbuffet – Images Arranged by Similarity on a Zoomable 2D Map

Picsbuffet is the latest work of Dr. Kai Barthel of HTW Berlin and Chief Visionary Officer (get it?) of Pixolution, a company providing technology and research around visual search solutions in the stock photo industry, and others. It is a "Google Maps style" image search platform for stock photos, utilising Pixolution's visual search technologies to show a 2D 'map' of images arranged by relevance - a fused measure...

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