03 Aug 2015 PicsaStock Review

Picsastock is a stock photo marketplace for smartphone shots. Conceived as a platform to monetize Instagram photos, it now accepts images from other sources like 500px and Flickr. It combines a website and a free mobile app, intending to build an online community and bring users and clients closer together. New networking features for models and photographers are recent moves in that direction. Background Based in Berlin, Picsastock was founded...

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31 Jul 2015 Mobile Apps for Model and Property Releases

Releases are a serious matter for microstockers who need to protect themselves from legal liability and copyright infringement. You should use serious tools to make sure they're done right. Apps for creating and managing release documents can help streamline the microstock workflow, not only by saving time but also by digitizing a paper-based process. There are several options in the market. Although all of the...

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30 Jul 2015 How the Joshua Resnick Case Ended Up

You probably heard about the Joshua Resnick lawsuit last year. It got a lot of mainstream media attention for a stock photo case and raised some interesting issues for stock photographers shooting models. The Case: a Brief Overview Joshua Resnick is a stock photographer based in Ohio. In 2013, he hired model Nicole Forni for a lingerie shoot. Forni had previous experience in this kind...

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Deleting Files

29 Jul 2015 The Ultimate Guide to Deleting Files on Microstock Agencies

There are a few major reasons why microstock contributors might to want to delete images or even their entire portfolios from a particular agency. Let's take a look at how easily—or not—this can done in some of the top microstock agencies, and review their policies regarding deleting images. Agency File Deletion Policies Deletion policies vary widely among top agencies. Some agencies mandate a minimum availability period for...

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Kboarding banner

28 Jul 2015 Kboarding – Ambitious Initiative for a New Keywording Service

'Kboarding', a new keywording service for microstock contributors, will be starting a limited beta test in the upcoming months and is currently open for requests. This initiative is lead by Danil Nevsky and is the result of his experiences as a non-native English speaker keywording for English-language based agencies. Nevsky is a full-time microstocker. He has a large Stocksy portfolio and...

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