04 Feb 2016 CanStock Partners with Print Supplier FreeArt

CanStockPhoto announced yesterday via an email to contributors a new partnership with FreeArt, a photographic print supplier. If the name "FreeArt" scares you, read on. Art Prints and Royalty Rates CanStockPhoto already has a fixed royalty rate of 20% for print sales. That same rate will apply to paper prints through FreeArt, which is a new business currently closed to the public, but available to unlock...

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02 Feb 2016 Why you Want to Track Usage of your Stock Photos and the Services that Do It [updated]

Image theft and misuse are common pain points in the stock photo industry. "Revenue recovery" –where agencies with exclusive representation of Rights Managed content check usage against license sales and demand payment from unauthorised users– is a big part of the industry.  Some agencies legal teams generate more revenue than their sales teams! This is made possible by service providers that simplify the...

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01 Feb 2016 Shutterstock Explains Royalty Cut is to Enable Price Cut

Last week Shutterstock announced a royalty cut for their Extended Licenses - which they call "Enhanced Licenses" - which was not well received, both for its lack of clarity as well as generally being bad news for contributors. They have now responded to the feedback by providing more details. The update says that the royalty cuts are to enable a future price...

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29 Jan 2016 Visual China Group May Acquire Equity in Getty Images

According to Chinese microstock news site Tukusheying.com, Getty Images's long-time distribution partner Visual China Group is in negotiations to acquire equity in the company. This news comes just a week after VCG's deal with Getty gave them exclusive distribution rights to the Corbis content they had just acquired, for all regions except China. Everyone is now asking, will VCG save Getty? Getty's Financial Problems Getty Images took...

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28 Jan 2016 The Return of Premium

Few conversations about the stock photo industry over the past decade have been able to avoid the topic of microstock.  It definitely had its impact and found its place in the market. But it's no longer the sole area of growth, innovation and new ventures. Producers who've grown up with microstock are now turning their attention to higher priced opportunities. Buyers with the necessary budgets...

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