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28 Aug BlackStockImages – Specializing in People of Color

Among the constant flurry of new stock agencies, one has recently launched (in beta) with something interesting: a super-narrow specialty, accepting only images of black people. It's called BlackStockImages and was founded by Kenneth Wiggins, a design entrepreneur. The Market for Black Imagery As a designer, Wiggins was unhappy with the stock imagery he found featuring black people. He found the available photos overly stereotypical and...

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27 Aug Bundles – A Selling Strategy Yet to Take Off in Microstock

Bundled packages are starting to become popular in microstock, but only outside of the "typical" microstock agencies. It's an interesting strategy that works for customers, agencies and contributors. But will it catch on in the rest of the market? What is it? In the stock industry, bundles are limited-time offers of multiple media files for purchase at a single, heavily-discounted price. The discounts...

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26 Aug Depositphotos Raises Prices and Lowers Royalties

Depositphotos has started informing contributors that their recent credit price rises implemented on August 22nd will, from September 1st, be complemented with a 10% cut to royalty rates for credit sales.  Changes In Pricing And Royalties The emailed notification says the price increase was to bring them in line with market rates, and that the royalty cut was "dictated by the requirements of the market".  It...

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25 Aug YAYimages New Pricing Structure Targeting Low-Volume “Streaming” Customers

Hot on the heels of our look into $9.99 unlimited subscriptions, YAY Images is today implementing new subscription prices that are based on downloads rather than image size and targets low-volume customers that were previously directed to the former brand, YAY micro. The changes are intended to boost the company's Streaming service, and improve contributor per-download royalties. Market Segment: Price Sensitive Until now, YAYimages targeted high...

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$9.99 Unlimited Subscriptions

24 Aug Can a Netflix-style $9.99 Unlimited Subscription Model Succeed in Microstock?

$9.99. That is what services like Netflix and Spotify charge for unlimited service. The standard subscription in microstock is $250 for 750 images per month. For microstock agencies to adopt a low-cost subscription model would be a HUGE leap, but not dissimilar to the leap made by Netflix and Spotify in their industries. One big difference is that by the time movies and music get...

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