04 Sep 9 Technologies that Make Building a Microstock Agency Easier Now than When the Big Guys did it

It's easy to take for granted what the microstock agencies who are big now did back in the early 2000's to get to where they are today. Building a microstock agency today is quick, easy and cheap compared to when iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Fotolia did it. 1. Cloud Computing In the early days of microstock, running a high-traffic website meant finding or building a...

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03 Sep Scoopshot Pivots to Become Uber For Photographers

One of the first movers in mobile stock, Scoopshot is now changing their business model. Moving away from being a stock images provider, they're now looking to become the platform of choice for photographers to get assignments and provide buyers images on demand . That is, to become "Uber for photographers".  The Helsinki based company raised eyebrows in 2013 when secured a significant investment from Yuri...

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02 Sep Shutterstock to Close Skillfeed

Shutterstock has today announced that its subscription-based tutorial platform, Skillfeed, will close at the end of the month. From today they're no longer accepting new subscribers nor instructors. The platform will continue functioning for existing members up until September 30th when website will be officially shut down. The notice posted on Skillfeed's website says the service was "at a crossroads" and that after...

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01 Sep Fotolia Announces Discounts in Adobe Stock

Adobe has today announced a 20-day limited discount at Adobe Stock starting today. The discount is 50%, taking the price from $9.99 to $4.99 and equivalent in other currencies.  It applies only to single downloads, not subscriptions. Contributors were informed by email today via Fotolia, and assured that the discount will be absorbed by Adobe, so contributor royalties will not be affected. The New Regime It's surprising...

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28 Aug BlackStockImages – Specializing in People of Color

Among the constant flurry of new stock agencies, one has recently launched (in beta) with something interesting: a super-narrow specialty, accepting only images of black people. It's called BlackStockImages and was founded by Kenneth Wiggins, a design entrepreneur. The Market for Black Imagery As a designer, Wiggins was unhappy with the stock imagery he found featuring black people. He found the available photos overly stereotypical and...

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