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14 Oct 2015 500px Reveals New Logo for Their 6th Anniversary

500px has today unveiled a new logo in one of the major rebranding efforts in the company’s history.

The rebranding comes out in time for the company’s 6th anniversary, and intends to better represent their concept and brand on all platforms.

500px animated logo

The New Design

500px says the logo used for the last 6 years –that they call “the 5-infinity symbol”– has no real story behind it. It was created without a comprehensive connection with 500px’s core concept and philosophy, and therefore it didn’t represent the platform accurately.

The new design includes a logotype and an animated mark. It’s intended to resemble a fingerprint and the animation emulates the turn of a camera lens.  The company says the design has been in development for months. They believe this “clean, simple, articulate and more playful” design is a better representation of the brand’s identity and its evolution through the years.  Plus, the new logotype and mark perform better in a larger variety of platforms regardless of space conditions, allowing them to enhance brand awareness.

The design is included in both the website and mobile platform from today, and image watermarks will be gradually updated in the coming days.

The new logo accompanies changes on their Community Guidelines and a commemorative photo contest called “PX is for Personal Expression”, and is the last of a series of upgrades and redesigning performed on their interface and business in the past months.

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