10 Nov 2015 500px Rolls Out Distribution Partnerships To Reach Global Market

Recently converted photo sharing site 500px has started informing their members and contributors about the addition of distribution partners to expands sales reach.  The eight partners will price images to ensure comparable royalties for contributors, and the program is opt-out for 500px contributors.

New Distributors

The partners disclosed so far are Aurora Photos, GlowImages, Imageselect, Photogenica, Arabian Eye, Amana Images, Topic Images and their lead investor and business partner, Visual China Group.

The added distribution channels are opt-out for 500px contributors. If opted in, 500px has a minimum price guarantee agreement with each distributor that factors on the distributor’s share. For contributors, sales from partner sites will provide earnings comparable to those from direct sales.  The company says that early reports are already showing promising revenue increases for contributors.

Information about partnerships has been added to their licensing page, which also mentions content promotion partnerships with big brands like Samsung and Sony.

Global Reach

According to 500px –based in Canada– their Sales and Creative Services teams are performing very well in North American market.

But to increase their global visibility, they chose to team up with locally based companies in international markets: Imageselect and Photogenica are both European companies, ArabianEye is headquartered in Dubai and specialises in Arabian imagery, and Amana, Topic and VCG are based in Asia (Japan, Korea and China, respectively). Aurora and Glow are both headquartered in the US but also reach different markets – Glow in particular has significant presence in South America.

The company is currently striving for greater globalisation and sales volumes, so the addition of distribution partners is an important step for both initiatives.

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