Microstock is the name given to the portion of the royalty-free stock photography market that operates exclusively online, sourcing photos from the public. Anyone can upload their photos to various microstock agencies who will sell them repeatedly, generating ongoing commissions for the contributor. For more detail, read my about Microstock page or my sell photos online index.

This Blog

It is the intention of Microstock Diaries to help you sell more photos online by providing inspiration, education and entertainment about the business, with a focus on microstock. I openly share all my experiences as a microstock contributor including my earnings and my observations of the   market.

Lee Torrens

I’m a hobbyist photographer and a keen observer of the microstock market. I have been selling photos in the microstock market part time since August 2005 and writing about the market here since March 2007. I contribute photos to microstock agencies in collaboration with my partner who is a graphic designer and great with Photoshop. (that tie-cutting photo isn’t mine)


I sell ads on this blog but not within the content
I use affiliate links wherever possible
I work at Canva
I do conference programming (1,2,3)
I’m part owner and program designer of Microstock Expo
I co-own Microstock Photo Plugin
I publish a microstock research report

My Photos

I publish my microstock earnings reports each month to demonstrate what a hobbyist photographer can earn working part time to build a microstock portfolio. To see the portfolios that produce that income follow these links: Dreamstime |  Fotolia | iStockphoto | Shutterstock | Crestock | 123RF