01 Dec 2015 Adobe Stock Integrates Video Into Creative Cloud

As announced in October, Adobe has today added video footage to Adobe Stock for Creative Cloud.

HD video clips from Fotolia’s standard collection are now available in Adobe Stock in both their website and within the Creative Cloud apps.  Adobe has also put out a call for more content in their top-selling subjects.

Video in Adobe Stock

HD clips will sell on Adobe Stock for $79,99 or €59.99, though contributor royalties will be calculated on the USD price. 4K files are not yet included, but will be in the future.  The footage collection will be available for discovery and purchase both on Adobe Stock’s website and in the libraries panel on Creative Cloud’s video editing applications After Effect and Premiere Pro.

Standard royalty rate for video sales through this channel will be little higher than that of photos, at 35%, and contributors who reached Emerald or higher ranks before November 30th will be receiving 40%.  The royalty rates for sales via Fotolia’s website remain unaffected.

The company has also announced that there’s high demand for short –5 to 60 seconds– clips on lifestyle, sports, aerial, nature and general b-roll, and they’re looking for more content to cover these segments.

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