Interested in advertising on Microstock Diaries?  This page outlines my advertising program.

Who Reads Microstock Diaries?

Microstock Contributors

The bulk of Microstock Diaries subscribers are full-time, professional stock photographers & illustrators.  The educational articles also attract those just getting started.

This audience provides value for:

  • Microstock agencies looking to recruit microstock contributors and build brand recognition
  • Service providers seeking customers among microstock contributors

Industry Professionals

Microstock Diaries also has a strong base of executives from both microstock and non-microstock agencies, and industry services providers among its subscribers.

This audience provides value for:

  • Microstock agencies seeking content partnerships and brand recognition within the industry
  • Service providers seeking customers among microstock agencies
  • Stock producers seeking to raise their profile to attract more or better distribution opportunities
You can learn more about Microstock Diaries on the About page.


  • Google Pagerank: 5
  • Alexa 3 month Rank: 445,000
  • RSS & Email Subscribers: 4,500+
  • Average Visits/day: 500+
  • Average Pageviews/day: 1,000+

(last updated 2013-07-02)

Formats and Rates

Format Details Availability Price Order Now
Leaderboard 728 x 90 header banner 1 of 1 $250 subscribe
Sidebar banner 250 x 250 sidebar button 3 of 4 $200 subscribe
RSS Footer Email newsletter + RSS text footer 1 of 1 $200 subscribe
  • All rates are for one calendar month and in US Dollars
  • Each on-site ad appears on every content page
  • Advertisers provide their own creative, copy and link address
  • Graphic ads can be PNG, JPG or animated GIF, but not Flash

Easy, Automated Payment

Payment is by PayPal subscription with the Order Now links above. This method works for both you and me:

  • It fully automates the monthly payment
  • You can cancel the subscription at any time
  • PayPal sends an invoice to you and a receipt to me for every payment
  • You can fund the payment with a credit card or PayPal balance

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