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Andres RodriguezAndres Rodriguez is among the world’s top microstock contributors and has been a full-time microstocker since May 2006. His portfolio contains over 6,000 images, specializing in business, fashion, lifestyle, outdoors, 3D renders and sport. (update Oct 2008: portfolio now over 11,000. update May 2015: 56,000)

Known For

  • Large portfolios of great commercial photographs
  • Meticulously researching his shoots
  • Distinctive style and consistent quality


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Personal Details

Born in 1977, Colombia | Now resides in London, England | Shoots with Canon


Andres was born in 1977 in Bogotá, Colombia, son of a fine artist and furniture business owner. His interest in photography started at 14 when he purchased his first camera. At age 18, he moved to England to study at Oxford. He went on to complete a design foundation diploma, product design BA (hons), and BSc in multimedia technology. He started his career as a website and graphic designer, which contributes to his understanding of what designers look for in stock photography. His microstock career started in December 2004 while still designing websites. He continued doing both until going full-time in May 2006.

Microstock Portfolios

iStockphoto | Shutterstock | Dreamstime | Fotolia | StockXpert | BigStockPhoto | 123rf | Crestock

Signs of Success

Press Mentions

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