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BigStockPhotoBigStockPhoto are a small and relatively quiet microstock agency. Sales are consistent and most contributors find the earnings worth the time to contribute.feisty little outfit. They don’t compare in size to the market leaders, but they’re certainly stronger than most of the newer agencies.


Entering the microstock market in late 2004, BigStockPhoto experienced impressive growth up until the end of 2006. Since then, it’s tapered off, according to the Alexa charts. The agency was started by husband and wife team Tim & Dawn Donahue. Tim is CEO and Dawn goes by the title of Co-Founder.

BigStockPhoto Details

Web Address
Google Pagerank 6
Google Backlinks 5,160
Alexa Rank 4,223
Image Stats 1,190,000
Minimum Image Size 800 pixels across
Vectors Yes
Footage No
Licenses Standard Royalty Free and 14 different Special Licenses
Compensation $0.50 per 1 credit
Pricing $1 – $2
Payment Methods PayPal, Moneybookers
Payment Threshold $30 increased to $50 in August 2009
Referral Program 35% of first buyer purchase, $5 per referred contributor with portfolio of 75
Application Process Pass an online test
Exclusivity Not offered
Upload Methods HTML form, FTP
IPTC Data Yes
Delete images? You need to contact support
Currencies US dollar
Languages English
Headquarters California, USA

Cool Features

BigStockPhoto have a Collections page where the best photos of various categories are collected together. This simplifies finding the best images for popular categories.


Sales at BigStockPhoto place them at the bottom of the top tier. I personally don’t have a lot of my portfolio there, but I still manage to earn 6 cents per photo per month on average. Other microstockers report earnings in the same range as Fotolia and Dreamstime, which obviously depends on the portfolio. I plan to upload the remainder of my portfolio very shortly.


BigStockPhoto is a tentative ‘yes’. While they’re not yet competing with iStockphoto or Shutterstock, most contributors consider them part of the top five microstock agencies. Their website lacks the punch, clarity and functionality of their competitors, but they still seem to be able to sell a lot of photos.

Register at BigStockPhoto here.

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