These are the books about microstock that I have read and found useful.

Microstock Passhion to Paycheck book cover

Microstock Passion to Paycheck

by Nicole Young

A basic and mostly philosophical look at microstock as a full time business. It’s light on useful details and instructions, but easily worth the low price and easy download. The strength of this book is understanding the lifestyle of professional microstockers. More details in my full review.

$5 Download now.


Microstock Money Shots book cover

Microstock Money Shots, Turning Downloads into Dollars

by Ellen Boughn

A comprehensive overview of the ofter-overlooked commercial aspects of creating stock photos from an established authority in the stock photo business. It’s light on practical advice as Ellen is not a photographer herself, but is easily worth the price for the understanding of the business aspects of the industry.   The strength of this book is the insight into the business of creating lucrative stock photos. More details in my full review.

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Taking Stock book cover

Taking Stock, Making Money in Microstock Creating Photos that Sell

by Rob Sylvan

Packed full of advice on the photography and post-processing parts of the business, this book is highly practical. Rob Sylvan draws on his extensive experience working at iStockphoto and as an education on Lightroom and other Adobe products. The perspective is limited to iStockphoto, but this detracts little from the production and preparation advice. The strength of this book is the practical advice on what to shoot and how to prepare it for submission.

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The Expanded Microstock Photographer’s Guide

by Rasmus Rasmussen

This book provides both practical and commercial advice on producing stock photos for the microstock market. As with other microstock books, the advice and experience of the author is limited to iStockphoto, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the lessons provided. The strength of this book is the insight into what the reviewers (inspectors) are looking for in submitted photos.

$8.50 Download now.


Stockfotografie book cover

Stockfotografie – Edition ProfiFoto: Geld verdienen mit eigenen Fotos [German]

by Robert Kneschke

As I don’t read German I haven’t read this book, but I do have a copy (thanks to Robert!) and have looked through the pages skimming the images and charts.  It looks extremely comprehensive.  I have also been told by other German microstockers that the book is an excellent and thorough guide for beginners through to competent microstock photographers.

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