This page outlines everything you need to know about my services as a stock photo industry consultant.

For more on my background see the Microstock Diaries About page and my LinkedIn profile.

Also consider The Microstock Agency Research Report which may be more suitable for your needs.

Solutions for Businesses

  • Pricing a company or sizing the industry for an investment decision?
  • Need an industry perspective on whether your idea will work?
  • Want to quickly recruit a lot of top stock photo producers?
  • Need key introductions for your project?

Solutions for Stock Photo Producers / Photographers

  • Considering your exclusivity options?
  • Questions about how best to maximize your earnings?
  • Want to transition from traditional stock to microstock?
  • Need to know how much your portfolio could generate?

Consulting Rates

$200 per Hour.     Buy Hours

Contact me directly to discuss bulk rates.

How it Works

We can talk by phone or correspond by email – whichever method works best for you. We can also meet in person at an industry event, or travel is also an option for larger projects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I require payment in advance, but if you’re at all unsatisfied I will refund any unused hours and your last hour, even if it was the first one. No explanation required.

Let’s Get Started

If all your questions are answered you can simply purchase hours here on this page. Otherwise, feel free to contact me to have your remaining questions answered, to discuss your requirements, and/or to see whether I’m a suitable solution for your needs.