14 Sep 2015 Dissolve to Introduce Stock Photos on October 1st

Premium stock footage agency Dissolve announced today they will be launching a stock photography collection on October 1st.

The press release states that their footage buyers kept approaching them with inquiries about images, to the point where the company decided they couldn’t turn them away any more.

The Collection

They’ve already started building their photo collection and will launch with around 200,000 premium quality images, sourced from top agencies and contributors –whom will also be disclosed on October 1.

Like Dissolve’s existing footage customers, photo buyers will also be able to use Dissolve’s free research service, a point Dissolve is keen to point out.

There are no pricing or royalty details announced. The company will be announcing them on – you guessed it – October 1st.

Premium Pricing

Dissolve’s footage prices are high for the exclusive content.  And they target premium customers leveraging their low royalty rates (30-35%) to engage in expensive customer-oriented features (like free research) and to reinvest heavily in marketing.

This is a strategy that’s been working well for them in their first two years in business, so the obvious presumption is that they’ll use the same strategy with photos, pricing photos at a premium level and paying 30 – 35% royalties.  The ultra-small size of their photo collection at launch is certainly a hint in that direction.



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