19 Jan 2016 EyeEm Adds Alamy as Distribution Partner

EyeEm started emailing their contributors in the first week of January to let them know that they’ll soon be adding Alamy as a distribution partner.

Images already distributed via their deal with Getty Images will now be non-exclusive, and contributors will have the option to participate in either, both or neither of the deals.

The EyeEm Collection

While images in EyeEm’s native marketplace are non-exclusive, the 850K+ curated into the Getty Images collection were exclusive. They’re now dropping exclusivity of the collection, so contributors must accept the new contributor agreement terms on the EyeEm website.

Previously known as “EyeEm at Getty Images”, the handpicked collection is now named simply “The EyeEm collection” and earn contributors a 50% royalty on EyeEm’s cut of each sale.

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