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FeaturePicsIn my travels I’m finding more and more microstock websites that other people are using that I’m not. I have considered many in the past and decided not to sell my images there. So many in fact that it’s difficult to keep track. This got me thinking. What better way to review and record the stock photography websites I consider than to write a blog post detailing my findings?

Here’s the first. It’s FeaturePics. They’re one of the website I most frequently see other microstockers using.

FeaturePics Details

Web Address www.featurepics.com
Google Pagerank 6
Google Backlinks 1,170
Alexa Rank 28,846
Image Stats Not found
Minimum Image Size 800 pixel short edge
Vectors Yes
Footage No
Licenses Uniquely for microstock, FeaturePics offers both Royalty Free and Rights Managed licenses
Compensation Commission is 70% of fee paid.
Pricing Contributor sets price
Payment Methods PayPal, MoneyBookers, Check
Payment Delay 14-28 days. Commissions are held for 7 days until payable. Payment requests are processes on Mondays and paid the following Monday.
Referral Program Not offered

Comments on FeaturePics

FeaturePics have Google Ads on their website! Why would a successful microstock website need to monetize their traffic in this way when it takes their visitors away from their own website??

Their forum has 1,614 registered members but only 379 posts. Even if they’re archiving old posts, that’s a strange balance. I suspect that registered users of the website are automatically registered on the forum regardless of whether they create a forum post. If so, this indicates that the website has only 1,614 members, presumably spread across buyers and sellers.


Uploading photos takes work, especially when you have a considerable portfolio. Our experience in working with websites with low popularity and traffic statistics is that the investment is not sound. It’s a catch-22. You can’t grow until contributors upload images, but there’s no return on investment for contributors until you’re big. We’ll keep watching the FeaturePics website and their statistics and if they break through we’ll reconsider. For now, FeaturePics is not for us at this time.

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