21 Sep 2015 Getty Images Announces New CEO

Getty Images has announced Dawn Airey as the new CEO. Starting this October, she will be relocating from London to New York to perform her new position at Getty’s offices.

After being at the head of the executive board for 20 years, co-founder Jonathan Klein is stepping up onto Chairman role. Airey and Klein will work together closely in the driving of Getty’s operations and designing new business strategies in both their traditional and microstock businesses. Co-founder Mark Getty is assuming the Deputy Chairman position.

Dawn Airey and Getty Images' co-founder Jonathan Klein

Dawn Airey and Getty Images’ co-founder Jonathan Klein

The New CEO

Dawn Airey is a senior media business professional, with over 30 years of experience working in some of the UK’s larger broadcasting networks. Her previous role was as Senior Vice President for Yahoo!, leading Europe, Middle East and Africa operations. She’s also a member of a UK Government-selected panel of advisory experts monitoring the BBC’s charter renewal.

Getty’s Roadmap Under Airey’s Lead

Early last year Getty Images launched their embed system for free usage of images for non-commercial purposes. The company is reporting over 3 billion impressions via the service to date.

Dawn’s focus will be building up business opportunities on the base of image embedding, while leveraging her media industry experience in designing new customer engagement and content monetisation strategies.

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