08 Sep 2007 In Which Markets do you Contribute your Photos?

Joining Alamy has opened up a new world. I’ve spent some time in the Alamy forums and discovered how many Alamy contributors also sell in both the microstock market and traditional macrostock agencies. I was late among microstockers to join Alamy, but I’m surprised at the crossover between markets.

The microstock market has created an easy entry point for photographers who never previously considered selling their photos. Now many are moving up the chain, experimenting with Alamy’s macrostock market and rights managed licenses. Likewise, many established professional photographers are experimenting with the microstock market.

Unreleased images and images with brands which cannot be easily removed cannot be sold royalty free. Alamy offers a rights managed market for such photos. But which images will generate better earnings with a royalty free license. And which types of images will generate more earnings as royalty free microstock than royalty free macrostock?

Let’s see how many photographers are spreading their images around the various markets.

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