03 Oct 2008 Kelly Cline – Microstock Celebrity

Kelly ClineThe Microstock Celebrity series now turns its attention to exclusive Diamond iStockphoto contributor and media darling, Kelly Cline. She is also appearing on the Microstock Superstars panel later this month, which prompted this well-overdue profile.

Kelly is a big time microstocker thanks to frequent appearances in mainstream media, most prominently in the famous Penny Stocks article in the New York Times. I’ve been following Kelly’s Twitter profile for over a month now and I can confirm that her reputation as a ‘food nut’ is justified. She lives food, and thanks to great photographic skill, she makes her living taking photos of it. Being a professional food stylist helps, plus she only ever uses real food, which always gets eaten when shooting is done.


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Chef's Touch - Kelly Cline Cheeseburger - Kelly Cline Farmers Market - Kelly Cline Duck Breast - Kelly Cline Mixed Berries - Kelly Cline Pizza Oven - Kelly Cline

Personal Details

Lives in Seattle | Married to the famous Rasmus Rasmussen | Shoots with Canon

Kelly Cline Background

Kelly started shooting photos at age 13 and while she took the occasional class she is primarily self-taught.

Signs of Success

  • Diamond level contributor at iStockphoto (among top 30 contributors)
  • Substantial mainstream press mentions
  • She became a full time microstocker before it was cool

Press Mentions

Kelly Cline in the New York Times (via Google to avoid registration) | Kelly Cline in The Seattle Times | Kelly Cline on StudioLighting.net | Still Life with Coffee with Kelly Cline | PopPhoto 25-cent fortunes (page 3)

  • Matthew Botos
    Posted at 13:34h, 03 October Reply

    Nice NYTimes hack 🙂 The article itself had some good statistics on the minimum volume needed to make significant money in the microstock economy: 500-1000 approved, desirable, keyworded photos. I’m guessing it typically takes a few years to build up such a portfolio?

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 13:54h, 03 October Reply

      Hey Matthew, it’s certainly taken me a few years (3) to build up my portfolio and I wouldn’t yet say more than 500 of my 900-odd photos are “desirable”. However, I’m still only doing it part time, so someone who is committing more time to it could likely do it faster.


  • Rasmus
    Posted at 16:07h, 03 October Reply

    I wanted to add a small fact about Kelly’s work, which I admire her for:

    Contrary to the industry standard, Kelly always tries to shoot food without using any tricks. No motor oil in place of syrup on the pancakes – everything can be taken right off the shooting table and put in your mouth. I know, because most of the time, I am that mouth. I’ve dubbed this style “sustainable food styling”.

    • Antonio D'Albore
      Posted at 19:26h, 03 October Reply

      Congratulation Rasmus, Kelly’s work is admirable and outstanding!

      Antonio D’Albore

  • Debbi_in_California
    Posted at 13:10h, 06 October Reply

    Nice blog entry on Kelly! I’m anxiously awaiting her blog hoping she will give food shooting tips and maybe an occasional setup shot. Food is so hard to do (for me anyway)

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