07 Apr 2008 Kirsty Pargeter – Microstock Celebrity

Kirsty PargeterToday the Microstock Celebrity series turns its attention to the microstock market’s top selling illustrator, Kirsty Pargeter. The British designer started her microstock career as a photographer, but soon found her specialty in creating and selling vector illustrations.

Not stopping just with microstock, Kirsty has also established her own website to sell her designs on canvas. Her designs are also available to decorate your laptop or iPod via Lapjacks.

Known For

Top selling microstock illustrator.


www.picturethespace.com | K.J. Pargeter Images

Microstock Portfolios

iStockphoto | Shutterstock | Dreamstime | Fotolia | StockXpert | BigStockPhoto | LuckyOliver | Crestock | 123rf | CanStockPhoto

Christmas Illustration - Kirsty Pargeter People Illustration - Kirsty Pargeter Peace Illustration - Kirsty Pargeter Party Illustration - Kirsty Pargeter Vault Illustration - Kirsty Pargeter

Personal Details

Lives in Bradford, UK | Shoots with Nikon and illustrates with Illustrator CS3 | Is a new mother!


Kirsty trained as a Graphic Designer and worked for a printing company. After eight years and tired of designing nothing more than business cards and letterheads, she moved to the Admissions department at the University of Bradford. During this time Kirsty discovered microstock after her partner gave her a digital camera.

The microstock addiction kicked in, and she started selling illustrations alongside her photos. In 2005 she was doing well enough to go full time and has since built the reputation as the most successful illustrator in the microstock market.

Signs of Success

Press Mentions

Kirsty Pargeter writes freelance advice for Crestock | Kirsty Pargeter profiled at Fotolia

  • Nataly Garcia
    Posted at 09:10h, 14 July Reply

    I would like to see if I could get image permission for a DNA photo that is copyrighted by Kirsty Pargeter. The image would be used for a National Science Foundation PowerPoint presentation. If you could please provide me the info, I would be grateful. Thanks, Nataly.

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