28 Jul 2007 Lise Gagn̩ РMicrostock Celebrity

Lise Gagné, self portraitLise Gagné is one of the most well-known microstock photographers. She is reportedly the first contributor to become a full-time professional microstocker, is exclusive to iStockphoto where she’s also an inspector and administrator. Her portfolio has over 5,000 photos of mostly business lifestyle.

Lise is the jewel in the publicity crown at iStockphoto. She’s often cited in their press and was the subject of a formal iStockphoto press release when she passed the 500,000 sales milestone in June this year (2007).

Known For

Highest selling photographer at iStockphoto and community leader

Business People Business People Business People Business People Business People


lisegagne.com | iStockphoto profile

Personal Details

Born 1964 | Canadian | Lives in Quebec


Leaving school at 14, Lise worked in boutiques and traveled until eventually becoming a French-English translator in her 20’s. At 36 she switched to graphic and web design which finally lead to her finding her passion in microstock.

Signs of Success

  • over 500,000 downloads at iStockphoto
  • 33,000 results at Google for search term “lise gagne
  • earns in excess of US$100,000 per year (link to PDF)

Press Mentions

Lise Gagné in New York Times | Lise Gagne at Crowdsourcing

  • DaveofCali
    Posted at 04:24h, 29 July Reply

    Actually, with the money I typically get on istockphoto (an average of 60 cents a download), and considering that she has a Canon 1DS Mark II capable of making larger photos that can be sold much more expensively than mine, and considering that she’s exclusive which means she makes double of the nonexclusives, I’d estimate that she makes $1.50 a download, and right now she has about 20,000 downloads a month (thus, 240,000 downloads a year).

    Do the math: $1.50 x 240,000 downloads a year = much more money a year than most other photographers except maybe the top 1% of photographers in North America.

  • Boris Yankov
    Posted at 23:04h, 29 October Reply

    Lise Gagne is earning much more than you estimated. You say $100,000 but the press release says six figures. I agree with DaveofCali’s estimation, the earnings per image can be even higher. I earn over $1 and am shooting with 10mpix camera and far from diamond (but exclusive).

    In fact Lise could be beating Yuri on sales or is close to his numbers.

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 00:52h, 30 October Reply

      Hi Boris,

      Yes, I expect it’s much higher too, but when they say “six figures”, $100,000 is the most one can ‘assume’. I’d be interested to see a more accurate figure from an authoritative source.

      I was told Yuri sold 3,000 more photos on iStockphoto than Lise last month (I don’t monitor this myself). The achievement is even more impressive when you consider he has a lower upload allowance than Lise, and receives less advantage in search results from being non-exclusive, having less total sales, and less time registered.

      But then, I believe Lise still works alone while Yuri has created a team of assistants. The comparisons are difficult given the different situations.

  • the famous nemo
    Posted at 09:44h, 11 October Reply

    I never knew someone could make so much off iStock, wow this is an eye opener.

  • Rahul
    Posted at 14:18h, 13 October Reply

    well i’m also amazed as well as inspired by the fact that someone could make such an amount of money from freelancing and selling photos to other sites. Real cool man.

  • Chris from 'Freelance for Money'
    Posted at 19:36h, 17 October Reply

    There’s a video about Lise Gagne here:

  • How I Make $2,000 Every Year Without Doing Very Much
    Posted at 16:59h, 11 June Reply

    […] MicrostockDiaries has reported that top iStock contributors like Lise Gagné make six figures a year from their stock […]

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