01 Apr 2008 Microstock Earnings Report March 2008

March was a welcome relief from the short month of February. My earnings rose sharply and I ended the month with my second-best ever earnings total. However, I’ve failed to achieve my next milestone which means I’m behind in progress towards my current earnings target. More shooting and better shooting required!

Agency Earnings US$ Portfolio Size Return per Image
Sell-through Rate %
iStockphoto 255.15
723 0.35 71
Shutterstock 205.45 752 0.27 91
Dreamstime 105.78 665 0.16 62
Fotolia 42.22 556 0.08 47
StockXpert 31.70 221 0.14 29
BigStockPhoto 21.00 314 0.07 33
123rf 6.78 242 0.03 16
2.70 281 0.01 17
4.75 241 0.02 20
Total: 675.53 Avg: 0.12 Avg: 41

Microstock Earnings Chart - March 2008


  • Dreamstime were, again, the only agency where I earned any Extended License sales in March (1)
  • I’m now including my sell-through rates in the statistics, though I don’t expect them to change too much
  • I did very little uploading of new images in March, so I’m pleased to see my total earnings still rising. However, I will not expect them to continue rising without further contributions.
  • This was my second-best ever month for total earnings, while my best ever month – only slightly higher – required a large number of extended license sales to reach a similar level
  • James
    Posted at 11:30h, 01 April Reply

    Hey Lee 🙂 Great numbers, congrats! I did great this month also! It looks like you should slide your month labels for your line chart over by one.

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 15:38h, 01 April Reply

      Cheers James, I’ve corrected the chart. Teething problems with the new system, so thanks for pointing it out.

      Your numbers are looking healthy for such a young portfolio, particularly your sell-through rates. Nice work.


  • Marek
    Posted at 14:01h, 01 April Reply

    Yes, it was a good month! I just posted my earnings numbers. After 4 months I can start to present some graphs.

  • Laurent
    Posted at 14:57h, 01 April Reply

    Nice numbers Lee. I posted my numbers for this month on my blog

  • Matt Antonino
    Posted at 16:33h, 01 April Reply

    Lee – more shooting, less typing. 😉

    I could say your numbers look great but I’d be sorta lying and not helping you. They’re good, much better than mine of course. But you know if you want your numbers to get to $1000 a month or more, you are going to need to add way more! Your goals are important – we want to see you ROCK and do really great and pass your goals.

    IStock +1
    Dreamstime +1
    LO +5

    All others were +0. C’mon! You can do this. More shooting…way more shooting. And way more submitting. 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Insomniac
    Posted at 20:16h, 01 April Reply

    My results:
    SS 86,54% BME (first full month 66 pictures)
    FT 8,76% BME (107 pictures)
    123RF 3,67% BME (186) pictures
    IS 0,68% (got accepted this month 12 pictures)
    DT 0,35% (105 pictures)

    Total earnings 89$ 😀

  • victoo
    Posted at 05:36h, 02 April Reply

    Lee, your goals are very ambitious. To achieve your next goal you should nearly double your earnings before end of June. It’s not gonna be easy 😉

    I posted ma results too (polish language) but my portfolio is very small, around 180 photos in each agency.

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