01 Jun 2007 Microstock Earnings Report May 2007

May was a slightly better month. But only due to the new registrations at 123rf, StockXpert and LuckyOliver. Without them, our earnings would have been the same as last month’s earnings. And yet, all but iStockphoto were up. It demonstrates the power of your top performers to swing your entire results for the month.

We uploaded 50 new photos this month, and we were expecting a bigger increase in returns, but it was modest. They were all beach shots, so expecting an increase in such a well populated subject was overly optomistic.

May 2007 Results

Website Earnings Portfolio Size Per Photo
iStockphoto $200.07 598 $0.33
ShutterStock $142.60 571 $0.25
Dreamstime $89.75 519 $0.17
Fotolia $30.80 439 $0.07
BigStockphoto $6.50 157 $0.04
CanStockPhoto $10.00 358 $0.03
123rf $6.74 21 $0.29
$22.00 16 $1.38
LuckyOliver $9.60 23 $0.42
Total $496.80


CanStockPhoto really surprised us this month reaching a monthly total we haven’t seen since April 2006. That’s likely how long it’s been since we’ve uploaded there too, but given this month’s performance we’re changing that now.

MASSIVE per photo earnings at StockXpert. Granted we have our best images there, but we’ll definately be uploading a lot more images there in a hurry. I don’t expect it to stay, but if it’s an indication of sales performance I’ll be very happy.

All three of our new microstock websites performed well on a per image basis, again, largely because they only have our top sellers. Despite this caveat, it’s an encouraging sign.


Microstock Results - May 2007

This is an updated site-by-site earnings chart. It’s starting to get a little crowded at the bottom there with our expanding stable of agencies. Hopefully not for long.

How were your earnings in May?

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