06 Dec 2011 Microstock Expo Videos Online

The videos from Microstock Expo are now ready! Get full access at videos.microstockexpo.com.

Check out this taster video: (It’s better with the volume up loud!)

Turns out preparing the videos takes almost as much time and effort as the conference itself, which is why it took us so long. There’s 10 hours of finished footage which Amos cut from two HD cameras and multiple audio sources of the mics and presentations.

Finding a suitable place to securely host and serve that amount of footage isn’t straight forward either – the team at Clipsan have been super helpful setting it all up for us. Thanks also to Timelapse Berlin for the awesome timelapses.

You can access all the videos for €99 or individual sessions for €20. Attendees have all been sent discount codes.

Once paid you can watch them as many times as you like.

That link again: videos.microstockexpo.com


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