08 Jun 2007 Microstock goes Mobile

Isolated Camera Phone, Engin CommunicationsDreamstime has just joined iStockphoto with a deal to provide its photos to the mobile market. What does this mean for Dreamstime contributors and the microstock market? Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

First, the iStockphoto deal: iStockphoto signed a deal with Netherlands based mobile content provider AMUSE Entertainment Group BV on April 10 this year (2007). They are conducting a pilot program to test the viability of the service with a selection of 5,000 iStockphoto images. Images will be available through most of the popular networks in the UK, delivered by the mBlox transaction network. The photos included in this deal will be drawn from the portfolios of exclusive photographers only, according to an administrator’s response in the iStockphoto forums.

Second, the Dreamstime deal: Announced just today, Dreamstime have signed a deal with Boom Bucket to add their collection of photos to the Boom Bucket on-demand content. With no mention of a pilot or trial period, it seems Dreamstime are going directly to a production system. The Dreamstime deal also implies that the entire collection of images will be available, opening the new sales channel to all photographers.

So what are the implications? Content for mobile devices is already a multi-billion dollar market, so there’s no doubt the possibility of generating substantial earnings through this new sales channel exists. Assuming the implementation is effective and it’s well promoted, the mobile market is clearly a bonus opportunity for more microstock sales.

I’ll keep watching the space. Personally, I don’t expect it to have a great impact, but the more channels to market – the better for us contributors. I’m happy to see the more industry interactive agencies looking for additional outlets for their photos.

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