09 Jun 2011 Microstock Passion to Paycheck – eBook Review

If you’ve been around microstock for a while, you’ve likely heard about Nicole S. Young, aka ‘nicolesy’.   She’s well published in the industry with three published photography books, a popular blog and YouTube channel, is a NAPP Help Desk Specialist, and has just released a new $5 eBook on microstock, which is the subject of this review.

Cover page of Nicolesy's microstock ebook‘Microstock – Passion to Paycheck’, is an introduction to microstock. Boldly entering a crowded space, Nicole has laid out her path to becoming a full time microstocker, and her view of the microstock world.

The strength of this eBook comes from Nicole’s walking the talk – she’s an established, full-time microstock photographer with a portfolio of over 6,000 photos. She’s also reached this point without creating a large scale business or producing high-budget shoots. She’s an example of a self-taught hobbyists who has grown up with the industry.

In addition to telling her own story, Nicole tells the story of friends who have achieved success at iStockphoto with different approaches in Chapter 2. The stories are similar to Nicole’s own – finding a career in microstock after learning as a hobbyist.

Chapter 3 talks about creating stock, with an emphasis on the art of, and love for, photography. True to the title of the book, this part intentionally departs from the idea of shooting specifically for maximum profit. Rather, Nicole recommends shooting what you love and – like she’s done recently – being open to changing from one niche to another, ultimately finding a balance between the passion and the paycheck.

Chapter 4 goes through a list of the more common rejection reasons, explaining what they are and how to avoid them, followed by clear explanations of the legal requirements for commercial stock photography.

A refreshing reality check is provided in Chapter 5, explaining how it’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get started in microstock.

The content of the book is all high level, appropriate for beginners and those still finding their way in microstock.   With the exception of a chromatic aberration removal technique, there’s no step by step instructions or details on what products and techniques to use. This keeps the book light and fast, and short – it’s only 38 pages.

As one of many microstock how-to books available, Nicole’s is a straight forward, expectation-setting overview of what’s required to make it as a hobbyist or full-time microstocker. Anyone after a quick but thorough insight into that lifestyle will not be disappointed with this book.

You can purchase the book directly here, or read more about it here.   Also check out more from Nicole on her blog and her iStockphoto portfolio.

  • Eric B
    Posted at 13:19h, 10 June Reply

    Do you have a list of the other microstock books? Anything specializing on illustration?

  • Cory
    Posted at 11:15h, 12 June Reply

    Congrats on her book. It’s amazing to see how much everything has developed and changed in the micros over a few short years. I remember being in a race to bronze with Nicole back in 2007. Here’s a link for those nostalgic:


    P.S. I crushed the competition in that race. I still have the imaginary trophy on my mantle. 🙂

  • Luke
    Posted at 19:51h, 24 June Reply

    That’s neat to see another book by Nicole. I always enjoy checking out her new images on iStock and have used some of her informative videos on her blog. I’ve also seen her 7D and 60D books in my local Barnes and Noble.

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