31 Jul 2015 Mobile Apps for Model and Property Releases

Releases are a serious matter for microstockers who need to protect themselves from legal liability and copyright infringement. You should use serious tools to make sure they’re done right.

Apps for creating and managing release documents can help streamline the microstock workflow, not only by saving time but also by digitizing a paper-based process. There are several options in the market. Although all of the apps share some standard features, each one also offers some unique functions and extensions.

Easy Release

01Easy Release is the most popular app and the only one available for Android. It was designed with the help of Getty Images executive and photographer Robert Giroux. This app offers 17 language selections for documents and 6 for the user interface—great for working abroad or with foreign models. You can fully customize documents, capture all signatures via touch screen, and snap or upload an ID photo of a model or property to include in each release. Completed releases are e-mailed to you in PDF and JPEG formats.

Some of the app’s extra features include importing personal information from your phone contacts to simplify data entry, syncing with iCloud and local libraries. Easy Release is supported by most of the big agencies: of course iStock/Getty, and also Alamy, Dreamstime and BigStock. Price: $9.99. iOS and Android.

ASMP Releases


ASMP Releases is a free app with the distinction of being designed and backed by the ASMP. It offers only English for both documents and interface. You can customize documents with up to three signatures. Model/property ID photos may be uploaded or taken with the app. Documents are generated in PDF format only.

This app is light on extra features and does not sync with any cloud services. ASMP Releases includes Getty Images standard releases and works well with iStock/Getty and Dreamstime. Price: Free. iOS only.

Image Release

03Image Release is a product from startup app developer ubqo. It supports release forms in 12 languages. Like with the ASMP product, you can customize forms for up to three signatures. Model ID photos are supported, but they cannot be uploaded from stored images and must be taken with the app. It can create releases in both PDF and JPEG formats.

Image Release does not connect with iCloud and doesn’t collect data from phone contacts, although it does offer in-app storage for all created forms. So far, only Alamy has publicly supported this app. Price: $6.99. iOS only.

Release Me

04-releasemeRelease Me was created by photographer Joey Lawrence (Joey L). Designed as a more streamlined product than its competitors, this app is in English only, and release text is customizable but only permits one signature. It can shoot and attach model ID photos, and it creates releases in PDF format only.

This app does not feature any cloud storage and is not officially supported by any agencies. Price: $8.99. iOS only.


05Finally, we have PixRelease, designed by photographer Richard Abery. Like Release Me, this app has a focus on ease of use at the expense of robust features, but its convenience is hampered by the large amount of information it requires you to input. It supports English only and is also missing some countries from its address selection, making it difficult to use for some international models. It allows custom documents with up to two signatures and ID photos by snapshot or from your device’s photo gallery. Documents are generated in PDF format only.

PixRelease requires a secure login to access the app, although it does not have any cloud features and all data is stored on your device. The iPad version includes Touch ID functionality. No agencies officially support this app. Price: $7.99. iOS only.

So there’s plenty of options to capture releases with your phone or iPad and save yourself from doing the whole process with paper. Which app do you use or are you still using paper?

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