22 Jun 2015 More Cool Stock Bashing This Time in Video

It’s not just still images providing fodder for comedy and beating up on the cliché.  There’s some fun mockery videos making the rounds, both video format mocking still images, and video mocking video.

Nacho Punch, a Youtube comedy group – formerly The Station channel by Maker Studios – has created the above video sketch where the two leading characters find their office has become a series of cliché stock photos.  They make good fun of all the cliche poses and situations of stock footage and photos of office environments and relationships.  They haven’t missed any favorites, showing the happy thumbs-up guy in a suit, the happy women eating salads alone while smiling, and even a classic business handshake.

But well before Nacho Punch’s video, which serves the sole purpose of entertaining, enterprising companies in stock footage found a way to make the self-mockery pay.

A year ago, online stock footage marketplace Dissolve decided to take upon a viral online poem called “This is a Generic Brand Video”, which mocked branding videos that all end up looking alike due to lazy choices of stock clips, made using their own catalog of stock footage.  The video received a lot of attention and positive awareness for Dissolve.

Then a few months ago they did another one, this time creating intros for fake tv shows, highlighting the stereotypes of modern sitcoms.  Again, made entirely with clips from their own catalog.

This take is more bashing the way customers use stock footage than the footage itself.  And for Dissolve, it’s been a huge boon for brand-awareness and generating a “cool company” reputation among buyers of stock footage.

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