11 Sep 2007 New Look for Microstock Diaries

Microstock Diaries Website ScreenshotI don’t usually report on changes to this blog, but this one overrides the rule. If you’re reading this post directly from the website (not from the RSS feed or a syndicated website) you’ll notice the layout has been given a major upgrade.

I took the elements I enjoyed most about the original theme – being the clarity and understated styling – and adapted it to a more functional layout. The more useful parts of the website are now more prominent and the theme makes better use of screen real estate.

There have also been additions in the form of new advertising spots and two new lists: 10 most recent comments; and chronological archives.

Inspiration for the layout and positioning was taken from popular blogs on blogging, namely ProBlogger and John Chow dot com, both of whom have very recently implemented new layouts.

I hope you enjoy the new layout, and as always, I’m interested in your feedback.

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