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CEPIC logoThe CEPIC New Media Conference in Dublin, Ireland is fast approaching. Lots of people have told me they’re planning to be there. Enough to justify making a list. Including the speakers, here’s who, from the world of microstock, will be there:

On the speaking roster:

Opening Keynote: Yuri Arcurs

Yuri ArcursYuri Arcurs’s name is synonymous with microstock. He’s held the title as the world’s top selling microstock photographer since 2007 and has since branched out into other entrepreneurial endeavors within the industry.

Yuri will open the event with a keynote presentation discussing the convergence, or not, of microstock and traditional stock.

Making Millions with Microstock, One Euro at a Time

This session will cover microstock from many angles with a top agency CEO, a traditional stock photographer with microstock experience, a top microstock seller operating as a business, a successful solo microstocker with the industry leading forum, and an industry observer moderating.

Serban Enache Jonathan Ross Andres Rodriguez Tyler Olson Lee Torrens
Serban Enache Jonathan Ross Andres Rodriguez Tyler Olson Lee Torrens

Stock Video – Where the action is!

Everyone wants to know what’s going on with video. How much more lucrative is it than stills? How fierce is the competition? Are sales growing or declining? What does a stock photographer need to know to achieve success with video? We’ve put together this session with the CEO of one of the top video specialist agencies, a senior director of a video-enabled microstock agency, a top selling microstock videographer and an equally successful photographer-turned-videographer. If you ever wanted insights into stock video, this session is the place to get it.

Andy Goetze Dittmar Frohmann Tom Bennett Simon Krzic Pavel Losevsky
Andy Goetze Dittmar Frohmann Tom Bennett Simon Krzic Pavel Losevsky

What’s next? How will the stock media business evolve?

Nicknamed “THE FUTURE”, this session is all about the difference between the stock photo market of today and that of tomorrow. We’ve lined up the head of the most innovative microstock agency, an entrepreneur with experience creating successful stock collections in both tradition and microstock, an industry association president and traditional stock shooter himself, one of the most respected strategical thinkers on stock photo industry and technology, and heading it up the industry’s best connected consultant and new author.

Ellen Boughn Shannon Fagan Kelly Thompson Cathy Yulet Taylor Davidson
Ellen Boughn Shannon Fagan Kelly Thompson Cathy Yulet Taylor Davidson

Using new media tools to get business, not just more friends, followers and fans

While everyone is spending lots of time and money on social media, not everyone is using it to increase their bottom line. This session, run by two stock photo industry veterans, concentrates on demonstrating how companies and individuals are using new media tools for real and measurable success and how those methods can be applied in the stock photo industry.

Marco Oonk Beate Chelette
Marco Oonk Beate Chelette

IPTC Photo Metadata

The standards that make it possible for us microstockers to enter our metadata just once, directly into the photo, come from these people! They’re going to discuss current issues with metadata standards and how to keep ownership information intact within images in online use. This session is presented by the IPTC Managing Director, legal counsel to PACA & adviser to PLUS, and an IP and licensing legal specialist.

Michael Steidl Nancy Wolff Dr Christian Donle
Michael Steidl Nancy Wolff Dr Christian Donle


Also attending the event, greatly enhancing the networking opportunities, are many well known microstock industry people and service providers:

iSyndica iStockphoto PicScout PantherMedia Pond5
Dreamstime CandyBox Photography Shutterstock Image Right Pixmac
Imense GuteWolke picNiche Fast Media Magazine

These are just the people who’ve let me know they’re coming. If you’re coming too, let us know in the comments.

Access to the Conference is included in the Congress, so you can expect most of the Congress visitors will also be present at the New Media Conference. If you’ve registered for the Congress you’ll have access to the participant lists to see who else will be there.

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, booking is now open online via the CEPIC website here. I hope to see you there!

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