30 May 2007 News at Fotolia

FotoliaFotolia are making changes. They’ve bundled a code upgrade, new servers, new photo prices and a database cleanup into a package labeled “V2”.

Website Upgrade

Occurring at the end of this week, the website will be down for 12 hours for the upgrade. They’re revamping their code and moving to improved servers, though there’ll be no visual design changes.

Price & Commission Rise

There will also be a rise in the photo prices resulting in higher commissions for contributors. The US$1 credit will rise to US$1.36.

No more Exclusive Buyout

Citing fraud and flailing buyer interest, the Exclusive Buy Out License option is being discontinued.

Database Cleanup

Fotolia are including a spring clean of their database in V2. Photos that haven’t sold for 18 months will be removed from the database.

Here’s the official word on V2 from Fotolia, saying pretty much what I’ve just said.

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