08 Jan 2008 Oleg Tscheltzoff – Microstock Celebrity

Oleg TscheltzoffIt’s time for the Microstock Celebrity series to turn its attention to Fotolia and its dynamic leader, Oleg Tscheltzoff.

Oleg Tscheltzoff

Tscheltzoff was co-founder of Fotolia and is currently CEO and owner. He is known for being a serial entrepreneur and a distinct lack of appropriate headshots for the owner of a photography company.


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Personal Details

French born with Russian heritage | Lives in Versailles, France | Spends half his time in New York City | Studied Mathematics in France | MBA from New York


Tscheltzoff is a serial entrepreneur, with a long list of successful businesses to his credit. He founded a telecommunications company in Ukraine and a web hosting company in France. His most recent venture is bahu.com, another Internet business. He is “an advanced amateur photographer”, shooting with a Canon 1Ds MkII.

Signs of Success

  • Built Fotolia into a top tier microstock agency
  • Has created many successful companies
  • Maintained his position as President of Fotolia while investing in new ventures wixi.com and bahu.com

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