12 Jun 2007 Personal Milestone: Photos Sold 500 Times

Within the same week will have two of our photos pass the 500 downloads milestone. They were two different photos at two different microstock websites.

Stock Prices at iStockphoto

This image has been our top earner across our entire portfolio. It’s one of a series of 10 shots taken of price boards at the stock exchange. It’s also one of our earlier contributions. It has sold steadily over time.

Downloads at time of writing: 509

Stock Prices

Cute Lamb at Shutterstock

This image has dismal sales at every other website, but for some reason at Shutterstock it’s our best seller. We like to think that people download it for personal reasons – because it’s so damn cute – rather than commercial purposes. It’s one of our relatively recent additions, having been uploaded in September 2006. Unlike the Stock Prices photo above, this photo has sold quicker than any other in our portfolio.

Downloads at time of writing: 494

Cute Lamb

These are our two most successful photos to date. Their success confirms many things:

  • Your time is better spent having quality photos online rather than a large quantity
  • Specialization works if it helps you get great quality shots
  • Microstock can earn you good money if you can take good photos
  • We need a lot more quality images to raise our earnings to where we want them!

An interesting comparison:

Photo Downloads Agency Earnings
Stock Prices 509 iStockphoto $285.34
Cute Lamb 494 Shutterstock $184.20
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