19 Aug 2015 Pond5 to Close Pixmac

Pond5 has started informing contributors about the imminent closing of Pixmac as it finishes its full merging with Pond5’s platform – a process that started in 2013 when Pixmac was acquired by them.

The Announcement

The notices report that the Pixmac website will be shutting down in early September. All of the content will be automatically merged into the Pond5 platform along with contributor accounts, and they are no longer accepting submissions on the Pixmac system. The process will be completed by September 31st.

An Expected Move

Although after the acquisition companies declared that both platforms would remain working separately and gradually merging features and functionality, this website shutdown was not unexpected.

Full merging is a common practice in the stock photo industry when one agency purchases a rival or similar business, as iStock did with StockXpert, and as traditional stock agencies Getty Images and Corbis do with almost all their acquisitions, eventually.

Pixmac’s Mark on the Industry

Pixmac was the first microstock agency to use the reseller programs of other agencies to quickly build their own collection, solving half of the two-sided market problem in record time. This strategy has since been used by many other microstock agencies.

Moreover, they were also the first in offering purchases without requiring registration, another feature that many agencies eventually began to offer.

Acquiring Pixmac in 2013 allowed Pond5 to expand to a new international market—Pixmac was based in the Czech Republic and supported 17 languages—as well as enlarging their catalog with fresh content, of which Pond5 had relatively little at the time.

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