Selling Video Footage in the Microstock Market

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StockXpert have just launched their video footage service joining only two other microstock agencies currently selling footage alongside photos and illustrations. I haven’t written much about footage in this blog, so let’s explore this alternate medium a little.

At Which Microstock Agencies Can I Sell Video Footage?

StockXpert Footage Logo iStockvideo logo Shutterstock Footage logo

iStockphoto and Shutterstock are the other agencies currently selling footage. Here’s the details:

Agency Royalty More Details
iStockphoto 20% + exclusivity bonus Video FAQ
Shutterstock 30% Submitter Guidelines
StockXpert 40% Selling Footage

All these agencies:

  • Sell footage at $10 – $50*
  • Accept all the usual formats: HD; NTSC; PAL; and CG
  • Sell footage with a Royalty Free license

*Credit prices vary at iStockphoto with volume discounts and currency differences, though the standard credit price is currently US$1.30 and footage sells for 10 – 50 credits.

How Much Can I Earn Selling Video Footage?

Video footage sells less frequently than photos, but with much higher prices contributors can earn well. StockXpert have trumped the commission rate of both iStockphoto and Shutterstock, offering 40%. For a sale of HD 1080 type footage, the contributor will receive $20.

The current top selling video file at iStockphoto has sold 626 times and was uploaded November, 2006. The contributor is Gold level and an exclusive videographer, so earns 35% on sales that range from $13 to $65. This is, of course, an extreme example, but demonstrates that high quality video footage can earn much faster than photos despite selling much less frequently.

What Sells?

Based on their knowledge of the market for photos and the other Jupiter entities, StockXpert have listed timelapse, traffic, nature, business, technology and people clips as their most desired.

Looking again to the list of most popular video files at iStockphoto (you need to select video from the File Type dropdown), nature clips dominate the list.

Video Footage Poll

How many microstock contributors are already contributing footage? Let’s take a poll.

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Update: Since this post was published Fotolia have also started selling microstock video.

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