21 Jan 2016 Shutterstock Announces API Partnerships with Optimizely and Sprinklr

Shutterstock is off to a big start to the year announcing two new partnerships: optimization platform Optimizely, and enterprise social media marketing service Sprinklr will both be integrating Shutterstock’s catalog in their interfaces. Users of each service will be able to search and license images and video through their Shutterstock account without leaving the partners’ websites.

Partnership-Sp-OpIt’s all about Reaching More Buyers

These partnerships are enabled via Shutterstock’s API that now includes video and audio libraries to the image collection.

Shutterstock already had a connection to Optimizely via their former VP of Product, Wyatt Jenkins, who left for the same position at Optimizely in December 2014. With this deal their customers will be able to use images in their A/B tests to find the best performing images.

Sprinklr users will be able to license Shutterstock’s visual media to use in their Sprinklr-driven marketing campaigns.

With Optimizely advertising having thousands of users worldwide and Sprinklr claiming to have over a thousand brands in their client list, Shutterstock expects reaching these user bases to be two very profitable deals.

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