Social Microstock – Are You Part of the Conversation?

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Lee Torrens Microstock Diaries Kelly Cline Kelly Cline Rasmus Rasmussen Rasmus Rasmussen Cutcaster Cutcaster Crestock Crestock
Payoneer Payoneer TinEye TinEye Kelly Thompson Kelly Thompson UGCX UGCX Yanik Chauvin Yanik Chauvin
Oleg Tscheltzoff Oleg Tsheltzoff Tyler Olson Tyler Olson Yuri Arcurs Yuri Arcurs Rahul Pathak Rahul Pathak PDN PDN

Currently dormant: Dreamstime, Fotolia, iStock.


Lee Torrens Microstock Diaries Lee Torrens Lee Torrens Daryl Lang Daryl Lang Jon Oringer Jon Oringer Ellen Boughn Ellen Boughn
Andres Rodriguez Andres Rodriguez John Griffin John Griffin Serban Enache Serban Enache iStockphoto iStockphoto Shutterstock Shutterstock
Rasmus Rasmussen Rasmus Rasmussen Fotolia Fotolia Joshua Hodge Joshua Hodge Tyler Olson Tyler Olson Geir Are Jensen Geir Are Jensen
Steve Kapsinow Steve Kapsinow Kelly Cline Kelly Cline Yanik Chauvin Yanik Chauvin Yuri Arcurs Yuri Arcurs Ron Chapple Ron Chapple
Alexander Hafemann Alexander Hafemann Dreamstime Dreamstime StockXpert StockXpert Rahul Pathak Rahul Pathak Chad Bridwell Chad Bridwell
Diego Alvarez de Toledo Diego Alvarez de T. Silvia Boratti Sil Boratti Lise Gagne Lise Gagne Zymmetrical Zymmetrical


Lee Torrens Lee Torrens Jack Hollingsworth Jack Hollingsworth Geir Are Jensen Yuri Arcurs Yanik Chauvin
Ellen Boughn Steve Kapsinow Ron Chapple Ron Chapple Kelly Cline Kelly Cline Paul Melcher
Jon Oringer Jon Oringer Rasmus Rasmussen Rasmus Rasmussen Serban Enache Daryl Lang Daryl Lang Rahul Pathak
John Griffin John Griffin Bruce Livingstone Oleg Tscheltzoff Oleg Tsheltzoff Zave Smith Zave Smith TinEye Leila Boujnane
Steve Pigeon Kelly Thompson Chad Bridwell Chad Bridwell Dan Heller Dan Heller Tim Donahue

Who Are All These People?

These are friends of Microstock Diaries – people I’ve written about on this blog. If there are any who you don’t know, then just click their name and the linked social media tools will help you discover who they are and why they’re significant in the microstock industry.

Where’s the Value?

The value in social media is different for everybody, just as everybody uses the tools differently. In my case Twitter keeps me connected, Facebook builds on relationships, and LinkedIn helps me know who’s who.

As you can see by the quantity of people listed above, quite a few people in the microstock market are getting value from these websites in one way or another.

Are You Part of the Conversation?

Are you using these social media tools? Feel free to leave links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the comments. You can also follow, friend and link-in with the people you find interesting and/or know from the list above and any posted in the comments below.

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