08 Jul 2015 StockPerformer Updates Include Image Recognition for Cross-Agency Collections

One of the few microstock contributor tools to have ongoing success, StockPerformer, is out with some big new advances going live at the end of the month.

About StockPerformer

A powerful a statistics service for microstock contributors, it was developed by Luis Alvarez and Oliver Rivo, both based in Berlin.

Luis is a former software developer turned successful fashion and lifestyle stock photographer, and a well known iStock exclusive since 2005. Oliver Rivo is a musician and multi-discipline artist with a background in Computer Science.

Luis directed the Fashion Workshop at the first Microstock Expo in 2011, and he and Oliver won two MEXPO Awards for StockPerformer in 2013 edition: Best Contributor Service and Best PitchFest.

In microstock, contributor software tools are difficult to market. They’re appreciated when well designed, but numerically speaking, the majority of contributors are unwilling to spend much money. Really good tools have failed due to underestimating how cheap most microstockers are.  StockPerformer has been successful by focussing their service – and its pricing – at the elite end of the market.

Some of the biggest names in the business feature in the StockPerformer testimonials page, including Andres Rodriguez, Josh Hodge and Sean Prior / WaveBreak Media.

Existing Features

The software supports 10 of the top microstock agencies, importing data from all of them through their custom browser plugin.

This is very good in terms of data security, since they do not access your passwords.  Moreover, all collected data is encrypted during transmission and storage, and you can always view all data that’s stored in the system.

The app offers daily real-time sales stats as well as monthly and all-time reports.  It provides top sales analysis and sales breakdown through different filters that allow a more insightful review of monthly sales.

In addition, revenue for files can be organised in collections.  Until now, these collections were pulled from each agency, but the upcoming version changes that.

The New Features

The announced major upgrade is the result of one year of work for the creators.  They basically took customer feedback and did a full re-write of the entire system. The improved version will be officially released on July 26th.

The purpose of this redesign is to provide true cross-agency performance analytics for contributors.

The introduction of image recognition technology aims to achieve that. Your images on all supported platforms will be automatically detected and added to your stats feed. And now file revenue will also be displayed independently from agencies.

Collection management will also receive a boost with image recognition: instead of pulling collections from your portfolios in each agency, you could create them once in StockPerformer’s dashboard and the system will find the matching images in all websites, organising collection stats on its own.

Also, monthly reports will be improved to show cross-agency statistics and will include new analysis features.

For Serious Microstockers

If you’re a serious microstocker, you know how important it is to analyse your performance and use that information to guide your strategy.

StockPerformer is a powerful and secure solution for making that happen with minimal effort and minimal cost.

Check them out here.

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