10 Feb 2008 StockPhotoExpress

Stock Photo ExpressStockPhotoExpress (aff) is another upload utility for microstock contributors to manage uploading lots of files to multiple agencies. The interface of this solution is graceful and elegant, making it extremely easy to learn and use.

The application provides a fresh feature set and functionality different to some of its competitors. Its also easier to use and slightly cheaper. These two aspects will help it compete in a market that’s quickly becoming crowded for such a specific utility.

Quick Details

Price Free to try with a limit of 7 uploads per week. Full license US$36.95
License Single seat. Free upgrades and $10 for major release upgrades. No refunds. Lifetime email support.
Supported sites Any agency that supports FTP, but already setup are: Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, 123rf, LuckyOliver, StockXpert, Crestock
Compatibility Microsoft Windows only
Flash Introduction StockPhotoExpress

Stock Photo Express ScreenshotWhat it does

  • Allows you to input IPTC data into your photos if it’s not already there
  • Automatically uploads your files to multiple agencies
  • Keeps track of which files have been contributed to each agency


  • Intuitive interface – easy to learn and use
  • Provides the facility to manage multiple upload sessions which can be scheduled to upload different files at different times
  • Multi-file actions – easy to highlight multiple files and edit or upload in bulk
  • Omni-agency support – it’s possible to setup an unlimited number of agencies as long as they support FTP uploading
  • Support multiple simultaneous uploading so you can upload multiple files to a single agency at once
  • Referral program to earn back your license fee!


  • Only works in Windows – no Mac or Linux versions are available
  • Doesn’t support iStockphoto


The strengths of this Stock Photo Express are the clarity and ease of use. The primary feature is the ability to manage different upload sessions which is useful for getting a series of images past reviewers or spreading out your uploads to keep search algorithms happy. These upload sessions are easily navigated and composed via the right-side pane.

The lower price will certainly help it compete, though the website and support information has a long way to go to be complete. Overall, it’s an ideal solution for budget-conscious microstock contributors looking to streamline their workflow.

  • berman
    Posted at 17:03h, 10 February Reply

    Sorry but I don’t understand the sense to use this soft. It’s simple another FTP client, nothing more. It won’t save my time. There’s no different between uploading by FileZilla or this soft. Both cases I have to go to each agencies page, add categories to each uploaded photo and add model release to each uploaded photo. That what really takes the time and this soft do nothing to help me with it.

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