11 Oct 2007 StockXpert Adds Subscriptions

StockXpertStockXpert have now confirmed the details of the subscription program they announced they were considering last week. Contributors are likely to be pleased with the relatively high $0.30 commission and opt-out facility.

The system changes are already under way and StockXpert Community Guru, Steve Kapsinow, expects the service to launch next week.

Despite receiving much negative feedback when initially announcing their plans, StockXpert are now receiving praise from contributors for requesting feedback and acting on the results. Along with the high payment and opt-out facility, demonstrating they can listen to their contributors has generated much good will for StockXpert.

By default, contributors will be opted-in to the program, but will be able to opt-out and back in again at any time via their account preferences. The opt-in facility affects the contributor’s entire portfolio, not specific photos.

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