19 Dec 2007 StockXpert – Branded Free Stuff

StockXpert t-shirt

It reads “I am Xpert”! When I wear this t-shirt in public, I’m occasionally asked in what field I am an expert. Many joke that it’s not spelling! People can be funny.

StockXpert give t-shirts to competition winners, staff representing the company at exhibitions, and people who make not-so-subtle hints about their t-shirt size to said staff over dinner! That’s how the first item in the Branded Free Stuff series came about.

This photo was taken at Cradle Mountain, Australia. My wife and I are touring around the Australian island state of Tasmania for a week with my folks. There’s nothing like travel for stock photo opportunities, and there’s nothing like stock photography for travel.

I look a little mean in the photo and it’s not too easy to read the text, but at least it shows the StockXpert t-shirt getting around and in good use.

StockXpert will soon be accepting footage for sale alongside photos. The system is already in development and they expect to be making an announcement shortly. They’re offering a high 40% commission to contributors for all footage sales, with prices ranging from $10 to $50. You can email for more information and send in samples for early admission.

  • Stephen Strathdee
    Posted at 15:48h, 21 December Reply

    Keep an eye out for those pesky Tasmanian Devils!

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 22:58h, 21 December Reply

      The only Tasmanian Devils we saw were roadkill unfortunately. They’re not too pesky when they meet a vehicle at 100km/h!

      • Stephen Strathdee
        Posted at 12:58h, 22 December Reply

        Oh no! They’re on the verge of being declared an endangered species, aren’t they?

  • john
    Posted at 17:00h, 21 December Reply

    what type of footage is stockxpert looking for? any idea? or are they looking for anything they can get their hands on at the moment? the shirt looks great 😉 and wish i was on vacation as well hunting the pesky TD. hahahaha

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 22:57h, 21 December Reply

      John, you’ll get a lot of details about what footage they’re after on their forum announcement. Obviously, all the information that’s in the Q&A will be nicely presented on a single page when they launch the service, but for now, you need to scroll through the forum.

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