03 May 2007 StockXpert Let Me In

Welcome with Notebook, Zhongqiao LiA couple of days ago I wrote about how my application to become a photo contributor had been rejected by StockXpert. Well, below their rejection message there was a link where you could contact them if you thought their decision had been a mistake. Well, how could I resist? I had uploaded some of my best selling images!

I wrote a well considered message explaining that I was happy to wait the compulsory 1 month period prior to re-applying, and that I realise I’m not a professional photographer, but that the photos they’d rejected as ‘not what we’re looking for’ were good sellers on other microstock websites. I included links to my photo portfolios on iStockphoto and ShutterStock and requested they use them to verify my claims.

I received a pleasant and understanding response after only 24 hours from a Senior Content Editor at Jupiter Images. He explained that they’d looked at my portfolios and were going to delete my first application so that I could re-apply immediately. They further explained that there hadn’t been any error in rejecting my first application, that they felt the images weren’t strong enough for StockXpert. They also identified the individual files from my iStockphoto portfolio they wanted me to submit in my second application.

Well, I submitted, and within another 24 hours I received another email. This time: Accepted! “Congratulations! Your artist application was approved. You can start uploading your images and make money right away.”

That’s indeed what I did. Well, the uploading of images part. I hope to do the making money part soon too. I’ve already added a row in my spreadsheet for StockXpert and hope to be calculating their moving average and charting their per-image revenue rate soon as well. I was really pleased with the time and effort they’d gone to in looking into my situation and responding with such specific information. I’m restored to the impression that StockXpert values contributors. Now if they would just assess my referral program application.

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