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Update February 2010 – new owners of StockXpert, Getty Images, have announced the site is now closed to new registrations and uploads and will stop sales later this month. Contributors can keep their portfolios online with StockXpert to enable sales through the partner program with newly re-launched subscription site

I feel quite out of the loop with StockXpert. I’m continually coming across other microstockers who have their portfolio of photos on this site as well as the other sites I use. In forums I’ve even seen them compared with Fotolia in terms of revenue results. On one of the microstock forums they appear in the “Big 6″ list! So, it’s time to review StockXpert and see whether they’re for me.


But first, the big thing about StockXpert is that they’re a subsidiary of Jupiter Images, one of the players holding the oligopoly on the traditional stock photography market. What implications this has, I’m not yet sure. But I imagine we’ll find out over the next twelve months if there’s going to be any consolidation in this market as it matures.

Here’s the table:

Web Address
Google Pagerank 7
Google Backlinks 8,550
Alexa Rank 3,492
Image Stats Not found
Minimum Image Size 800×600 pixels
Vectors Yes
Footage No
Licenses Standard Royalty Free and Extended Licenses
Compensation 50%
Pricing Scales per size, starting at $1
Payment Methods PayPal, iKobi, Check
Payment Delay 3 days for electronic payments, checks processed at the start of each month and posted mid-month
Referral Program 10% of buyers’ purchases for three months
Application Process You need to complete a reasonably extensive profile about yourself, your equipment and your photographs. You are then required to submit five of your best images for assessment. They take “a few days” to assess you and notify you via your profile page.

My Comments on StockXpert

StockXpert accept very small images relative to the other microstock websites. This makes them an easy entry point for people with cameras only capable of low resolution capacity.

Despite the fact they don’t offer a total quantity of images on their website (that I could find), the number of people who I speak to or read about who are using them is considerable. This alone may be enough to justify uploading a few images to see how they perform.

The structure of StockXpert gives me the impression they don’t value their contributors as much as some of the other websites. For example, you are required to apply for each component of their site. That’s fair enough, and other websites do that, but this is the most rigorous application process I’ve come across with a four-part profile to complete and five images to assess. Another example is that they don’t notify you of your assessment outcome by email. You need to log in and view your profile. That seems lazy on their part, and it’s not so convenient for contributors. On the upside, they do pay contributors a high commission percentage relative to the other microstock websites.


Yes, I’m signing up with StockXpert. In fact, I already have. I submitted my application and example photos three days ago now, but haven’t yet been assessed. I applied as both a contributor and a referral program participant. No response on the referral application yet either.

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