31 Jan 2009 This Month in Microstock – January 2009

2009 is going to be BIG!   There are lots of projects brewing and one gets the feeling that microstock is going to look very different by December.   New ideas, new opportunities and new challenges abound.

Microstock News

iStockphoto launched an application for buyers to search and purchase images quicker and more easily. It’s still online, but free of the limitations of a web-based interface. It’s initially for Mac, though a Windows version will follow.

Fotolia having previously hinted about being close to adding video and placing a video link on their website, announced their call for video submissions.

Getty Images started making offers to Flickr photographers, revealing commission rates and details of the contracts.

LookStat added image-specific metrics, inching their beta service closer to the killer microstock analytics tool we’re all awaiting.

New agency Pixmac are guaranteeing earnings for contributors, promising to pay $500 for every 500 approved photos after two years, or immediately cash out $100 per 500 approved photos. Payments are an advance on commissions earned, not cash.

Congratulations to StockXpert’s Community Guru, Steve Kapsinow, who became a new Dad.

Microstock Press

Kelly Thompson’s interview for this month was at MacVoicesTV.

Oleg Tscheltzoff gave a short video interview to UK Intruders.TV providing a basic introduction to Fotolia and microstock, repeating the hint about video support coming soon.

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