22 Jan 2009 Who’s Going to UGCX 2009?

User Generated Content Conference & ExpoThree months ago I wrote about UGCX, the User Generated Content Conference & Expo. I mentioned that there was a long list of committed speakers who I couldn’t name until they had been confirmed. Well, they’ve now confirmed and I can tell you who they are!

So who’s going to UGCX?

Microstock Agencies

iStockphoto will be there, represented by Founder and CEO, Bruce Livingstone and COO, Kelly Thompson who share the podium for the opening keynote before each speaking at other sessions.

Dreamstime will be there. Serban Enache can’t make it anymore but leaves Dreamstime representation in the capable hands of Content Director, Ellen Boughn, who’s both speaking and moderating. She’ll be accompanied by Dreamsime COO, Jeff Prescott.

Fotolia will be there, with Co-founder and CEO, Oleg Tscheltzoff speaking about UGC business models, and Chad Bridwell, Director of US Operations will also be in attendance. (update 2009-01-27: Oleg has had to cancel his participation and Chad will be speaking in his place)

Cutcaster will be there with dynamic Founder and CEO, John Griffin speaking about business models and search challenges.

Microstock Photographers

Andres Rodriguez will be there offering advice about making a living with microstock.

Yuri Arcurs will be there to represent the microstock photographer corner of the market on the panel of experts session.

Kelly Cline will be there to offer her perspective and experience on making a living with microstock.

Rasmus Rasmussen will be there, lending his expertise as both microstock photographer and microstock inspector.

Tyler Olson will be there, representing the accumulated knowledge of his microstock forum while speaking about microstock success.

High profile exclusive iStockphoto photographers Nicole Young and Sean Locke both have tickets to the event, so they’ll be there too!

Traditional Stock Agencies

Jupiterimages will be there, naturally. Four Jupiterimages representatives will be moderating sessions: Maria Kessler, VP of creative Business Affairs; Steve Kapsinow, StockXpert Contributor Evangelist; Patricia Vargas, Senior Director of Content; and, Ellen Kasemeier-Herbert, Senior Creative Director, Photographer Relations.

Corbis Images will be there, represented by Aaron Booth, Director, Commercial Media Partners and Community Content. He will talk about production strategies in an industry shared with user generated content.

Blend Images will be there with CEO, Rick Becker-Leckrone also talking production strategies.

Image Source will be there, represented by CEO, Christina Vaughan on the same production strategies session.

Alamy Co-founder and CEO James West will also be there to talk about image search challenges and represent non-microstock user-generated stock photo businesses on the expert panel.

Traditional Stock Photographers

Jack Hollingsworth will be there. While he won’t be the only traditional stock photographer at the event, he’s certainly representation enough! He’ll be talking about stock photography in the new market – Stock 2.0

Service Providers & Associations

PACA will be there in the exhibition hall talking to agencies and photographers. PACA President, Maria Kessler (cited above) will be in attendance, and Executive Director, Cathy Aron will represent PACA in the expo.

LookStat, the new microstock analytics service will be there, with Founder and CEO, Rahul Pathak taking a spot on a panel.

Tyler Olson (cited above) will be there, using his experience with Microstockgroup.com to speak about marketplace services. Make sure to ask for one of his I-brought-my-community-with-me business cards!

Ideé Inc, makers of the amazing TinEye will be there, with Leila Bousjnane, CEO, speaking about providing services to the image market.

Payoneer will be there with CEO, Yuval Tal taking the stage to talk about payment services, with Joana Anker, Director of Business Development, also at the event.

Did I Miss Anyone?

Yes. Don’t forget these speakers are just from the photography track. The Social Content, Music and Video & Gaming tracks have equally fascinating topics and impressive lists of speakers.

Event Details

The event is only just over two weeks away, February 9 – 10, in San Jose, California, USA. If you’re planning to go, book before January 28 when the earlybird price ends. You can also get a 15% discount by using the coupon code UGCXMSD. Bookings and details of every session are available from the UGCX website.

See you there!

  • tyler
    Posted at 18:27h, 22 January Reply

    Wow, looks great – no to just remember all those names… i’m horrible at names.

    Is this going to be the largest gathering (or at least most diverse… an istockalypse might have had more MS people) of microstock photographers yet?

    • Lee Torrens
      Posted at 19:00h, 22 January Reply

      Hey Tyler, yes, I think it’s up there.

      But remember, I’ve just highlighted the ‘stock’ people and companies here. The photography track is actually more broad that this focused summary.


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