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Yuri Arcurs - World's top selling microstock photographerPutting together a post about celebrity microstocker Yuri Arcurs was easy. He’s extremely successful at creating commercial photos which has resulted in his career being extremely well documented.

Turns out he’s also a bit of an over-achiever.

Known For…

The world’s top selling microstock photographer.


arcurs.com | Twitter | Facebook Fan Page | Flickr

Personal Details

Born 1979 | Danish | ‘Yuri Arcurs’ is an alias used to separate careers | His top model, Cecilie, is also his partner


Freelance student journalist, started graphic design firm, promoted up through the Danish military, served on peace mission in Kosovo, won NATO rifle competition, ran a 100km marathons in 15 hours, bachelor of psychology, bachelor of philosophy, graduated from the Danish School of Photography, maintains photographic studio with 2 staff and 10 freelancers, world’s top selling microstock photographer.

Yuri Arcurs’s Microstock Portfolios

iStockphoto | Shutterstock | Dreamstime | Fotolia | BigStockPhoto | Crestock | StockXpert | 123rf

Signs of Success

  • Earns $25,000 per month from stock photography (not entirely from microstock)   Update 2008-02-03: Yuri’s earnings have risen substantially since this post was first written. In January 2008 he earned $64,000 from microstock and with his macrostock income the total was over $80,000. Yuri says that even though his revenue is so high, his maintenance costs, managment costs and distribution fees will mean he won’t break even on recent investments for another few months.
  • Sells over 400,000 microstock photos per year
  • Sells photos in the macrostock market under another name
  • Over 44,000 references to “yuri arcurs” on Google
  • Top ranked selling contributor at Shutterstock, Fotolia, Crestock and BigStockPhoto

Sells over 1,000 images per day on Shutterstock

Press Mentions and Interviews

Yuri Arcurs interview on Crestock | Yuri Arcurs Q&A blog post on iStockphoto | Yuri Arcurs interview on 123rf | Article written for Crestock

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