Cavan Images

03 Dec 2015 Cavan Images

In 2011 I came across a stock photo company called Cavan Images.  They had an interesting business model at the time: doing buy-outs of images and shoots from photographers.  But what was more memorable was their images.  I really loved them.  There was a naturalness about them that I hadn’t seen in stock.  The style was consistent and super current, and every image...
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Image via Cavan Images

28 Jan 2016 The Return of Premium

Few conversations about the stock photo industry over the past decade have been able to avoid the topic of microstock.  It definitely had its impact and found its place in the market. But it’s no longer the sole area of growth, innovation and new ventures. Producers who’ve grown up with microstock are now turning their attention to higher priced opportunities. Buyers with...
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15 Dec 2015 23 of My Favorite Stock Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Instagram continues to increase in relevance, especially for visual media markets like microstock.  More and more stock photo people are getting involved, so there’s now no shortage of inspiration, education and entertainment for our industry on Instagram. It’s also a great way to keep up with market changes and follow evolution of styles, seeing how agencies leverage the platform for...
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