16 Jun 2015 Adobe Launches Fotolia Integration as Subscription with Flat 33% Royalty

Since Adobe bought Fotolia last December, we’ve all been wondering how they’re going to integrate. And now we know. Today, they officially launched Adobe Stock, a new marketplace built directly into the Creative Cloud suite.  Upgrades to the apps to enable the integration have already gone out.

All 40 million images from Fotolia’s standard collection are already available on Adobe Stock, and for now the only way to submit content is still through Fotolia.

Key Details for Contributors

Adobe Stock works with CC’s most used products, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.  Users can search and insert watermarked stock images directly from the desktop apps, seeing exactly how they will look before purchasing a license.

Royalties for images sold through Adobe earn a flat 33% royalty, calculated based on the package the customer purchase and influenced by the currency of purchase.  There’s no price variation on size, and unused downloads roll over to subsequent months.

Subscription royalties at Fotolia were also raised from 25% to 33% at the same time.

A minimum royalty per sale is guaranteed at a rate determined by your ranking at Fotolia. Sales via Adobe count as a full credit towards your Fotolia ranking, and as of today, so do subscription sales on Fotolia – they were previously 0.25 ‘points’.  Some contributors are already reporting having jumped rankings as a re-calculation of sales at the new rates pushed them up the ladder.

Contributors on Emerald rank and above won’t be too happy as sales via Adobe generate a flat 33% royalty, which is lower than their hard-earned royalty rate for sales on Fotolia. Presumably Adobe will be pushing more marketing resources towards sales via the CC integration, meaning the declines in earnings for top Fotolia contributors may continue or accelerate.

How Does it Work?

The integration enables creatives to edit images as much as they want, and to make the purchase from within the apps.  All changes made to the photos will be saved and automatically applied when the purchase is completed.  Obviously Adobe expects this reduced resistance to result in a significant boost to sales.

Adobe Stock will also work as an independent website on stock.adobe.com for additional sales outside the apps.

The products are aggressively priced. A single purchase costs $9.99, but the key products are subscriptions: 10 images at $29.99 per month for members, or $49.99 for non-members.  There’s also a ‘standard microstock rate’ subscription at $199.99 per month for 750 images.

At the same time, Adobe announced new Photoshop tools, a new iPhone color scheme app and Android version for existing apps.

  • Robert K.
    Posted at 09:43h, 17 June Reply

    Maybe it is worth mentioning that we get 33% now instead of the 20-25% before (regardless of the ranking) for the “monthly packs”.

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