15 Oct 2007 Crestock Launches a New Website

Crestock have today launched an updated website. The verdict is:

It’s great – a much needed, but well executed upgrade.

What’s New?

Screenshot of the new Crestock WebsiteThe biggest change is the layout and cosmetics. I know Crestock have worked a long time to get this right, and they succeeded. The previous website left a lot to be desired in terms of navigation, clarity and features, but that’s all be rectified. The new layout is clear and all functionality is easy to find. This alone makes a massive difference to the customer and contributor experience of a microstock agency.

Crestock have fortunately added some statistics feature for contributors to assess their performance. While their previous facility for contributors to track sales was one of the worst in the industry, the new facility puts them in with the best. Contributors can now see their photos sorted by downloads or earnings, similar to the facilities at iStockphoto and Dreamstime. A separate sales statistics page shows daily and monthly performance of downloads and earnings. Each of these facilities separates credit sales from subscription sales.

What Not New?

Crestock have retained their excellent upload process, which at least for me, is the most comfortable in the industry. It’s also well integrated into the new design, not just bolted on.

The forum and blog remain, though now more visible. The popular Judge Ross’s best and worst images of the day also remain.

And Now What?

Following some not-so-trouble-free website upgrades to other microstock websites in the recent past, many people will be watching Crestock to see how smoothly their new website is implemented. This upgrade doesn’t change as many parts of the system as other upgrades, but that’s smart strategy.

Crestock already had an industry leading upload process. This upgrade repeats this success, giving them a website to rival the market’s best. Now that they have the facilities in place, it’s time to go to market and make their sales performance match the industry leaders.

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