09 Apr 2008 Inmagine Further Opens Up the Macrostock Market

InmagineInmagine, an established macrostock agency and owner of microstock agency 123rf, has opened its doors to public contributions with a new, completely online submission system called IRIS. Contributors can upload by Flash based FTP, sell Royalty Free or Rights Managed and set their own prices. The commission is a generous 50% and payouts can be taken with PayPal or Moneybookers as well as the traditional check.

Is Inmagine Now a Microstock Agency?

Definitely not. The opportunity is still very much in the macrostock market. Here’s why:

  • Rights Managed licenses are available
  • The minimum image size is 8 megapixels
  • Cancellation period is 90 days or 2 years if they’ve used your image in their own promotions
  • Once approved the keywords and descriptions cannot be edited
  • The payout threshold is a high $200
  • New images are added to the database in weekly batches

Macrostock is Borrowing Concepts from Microstock

Operating 123rf appears to have been educational for Inmagine as they’re now combining the online and transparent nature of microstock operations into their macrostock agency. There are now fewer impediments to do so as much of the buying process goes online across the market. Agencies such as Alamy and PhotoShelter have provided proof of concept for these strategies, and it may be the latest requirement for large agencies to remain competitive.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes next. Will it be illustrations and video, or editorial content, or perhaps referral programs?

You can register to contribute to Inmagine at submission.inmagine.com. If you do, take note of clause 3.11 in the contributor agreement. You may not be able to contribute the same images you have in the microstock market.

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