20 Dec 2007 The Infinite Collection at Fotolia

The Infinite CollectionFotolia have announced the launch of The Infinite Collection. The collection will be sold on Fotolia alongside regular microstock photos. Prices will be higher, ranging from $20 – $100 (later updated to $15 – $90).

The collection will consist of images from traditional stock photo agencies – ImageSource and Moodboard are the publicly known ones – and Fotolia’s own contributors at Emerald level or higher will be invited to contribute. Images do not need to be exclusive, but they cannot be – or have been – available anywhere else at prices lower than The Infinite Collection prices. At launch the collection is said to contain over 15,000 images.

Infinite Collection images will appear in the search results, and buyers will be able to search within Infinite Collection images only. The images will be differentiated by a black border and black Fotolia icon.

Mixing up Microstock

The introduction of The Infinite Collection is the first of its kind in microstock, both for the price range and the source of the images. No other agencies even have separate collections within their portfolios at this time.

Fotolia’s stated intention with the collection is to provide alternative content to keep buyers from going to other sites for content. Obviously higher revenues is another intention: with their existing pricing model boosting the prices of photos from successful contributors, it’s likely Fotolia have seen a low level of price resistance among buyers as higher-priced images continue to sell. With The Infinite Collection prices even higher, Fotolia stands to earn a higher revenue per sale for these images.

Early Concerns about Image Quality

Microstock forums have been actively sharing examples of images that are clearly below the usual standards of Fotolia’s reviewers, despite being online at 10 times the usual Fotolia prices. Fotolia’s Chad Bridwell responded to the contributor complaints, stating the difficulty of convincing the participating agencies to sell their best photos at what for them are extremely low prices. He asked for contributor’s patience and understanding why they tried new things, stating that it was in our best interests.

Check out The Infinite Collection for yourself here.

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